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Golden State Succulents

Traditional Lighting Systems

Traditional Lighting Systems

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Here you will find the tried & true products that have paved the way for generations, proving their longevity & place in the horticultural lighting industry.

Phantom DE 1000 LP is designed and built for low profile applications were overhead clearance is limited. Phantom DE 1000 LP Lighting System features proprietary Phantom reflector designs that uniformly deliver optimum PPFD over a broad footprint.

The Phantom DE Low Profile Lighting System is an excellent choice for a range of applications. It combines a Phantom reflector with a controllable Phantom DE Low Profile ballast and a 2100 µmol/s PHANTOM PRO DE high-pressure sodium lamp (excluding NL systems). This commercial-grade system allows users to adjust light levels for their particular setup and photoperiod. This system is able to be operated remote or attached, and is available in both open and enclosed reflector configurations. Both are made from multifaceted 95% reflective hammertone aluminum.

• Enclosed System (PHDESK12L): The enclosed-form reflector provides downward-focused output that maximizes light intensity. This provides ideal canopy illumination PPFD and uniformity of coverage.

• Open System (PHDEOK12L): The open-form reflector delivers uniform growth over a broad footprint. The louvered design effectively dissipates heat while operating DE bulbs at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life.
 Eye Hortilux: *SE 600 grow light system is designed to maximize the performance of 600 watt EYE HORTILUX grow lamps. This system focuses 20% more of the light to the target area than their nearest competitor’s system, enhancing the performance of the lamp and maximizing plant quality and yield. The SE 600 reflector was designed around 600W lamps to create a consistent and uniform distribution of light.
  • Designed specifically for EYE HORTILUX Ceramic HPS, Super HPS, and BLUE Metal Halide 600W lamps
  • Average PPFD: 185 μmol/sec/m2
  • Maximizes the performance of all 600W EYE HORTILUX grow lamp
  • DE 1000-VS Grow Light System 120/240V
    Maximize Plant Quality and Yield
    No other Double Ended fixture was designed to work as a unit like the DE 1000-VS Grow Light System. Growers will see no compatibility issues because the ballast was designed and tuned to the EYE HORTILUX DE Grow Lamp for peak performance. The reflector provides 11% more light to the canopy than the competition.
    1) Ballast tuned to match lamp voltage, frequency, and starting pulse
    2) Selectable wattage ballast
    3) Targeted reflector provides 11% more light to the canopy
    4) Includes EYE HORTILUX 1000W DE Grow Lamp
    1) Better system reliability when components are tuned to each other
    2) Control over intensity and energy costs
    3) More light on target enhances lamp performance leading to higher yields
    4) Lowest DE lamp failure rate in the industry
    In the box:
    DE 1000-VS Grow Light System includes:
    1. EYE HORTILUX® 1000 watt DE HPS grow lamp
    2. 120-240V EYE HORTILUX fixture
    3. 13 foot (3.96 m) power cord with NEMA 5-15 (120V)
    4. 13 foot (3.96 m) power cord with NEMA 6-15 (240V) 
    5. Mounting hardware
    6. 3-way control cable splitter (for use with controller, sold separately)
    7. 2x interconnect/drop cable, 5 ft (1.5 m) (for use with controller, sold separately)
    22.8” L x 11” H x 9.3” W
    Wattage: 1000W 
    Socket Type: K12x30s 
    Input Voltage: 120V-240V
    Amperage: 9.3A @ 120V - 4.6A @ 240V
    Light Uniformity – max/min: 2.11/1 
    Light Uniformity – avg/min: 1.48/1 
    Enclosed/Open: Open 
    Weight: 13 lbs 
    PPFD Average (400-700nm): 215 μmol/m2-s 
    (PPFD measurements were taken in a matte black environment with no reflective material. PPFD in actual applications will be much higher.)
    Warranty: 3-year Limited 
    Certifications: ETL Listed (tested to UL Standards), FCC 

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