Air Plants

Air Plants

Life cycle of Air Plants🌿

The life cycle of air plants includes growth, bloom & pup making(reproduction).  Each air plant will bloom in its natural cycle.  During the cycle of the air plant after the bloom they reproduce by growing “pups” or babies from their base. The pup cycle should produce 2-8 pups. The pups can be allowed to continue growing in a large clump that will create a much larger specimen over time with love.  On the average when a pup or pups reach 1/3-2/3 or somewhere in between they can be removed from the parent plant. They should be mature enough to live on their own. Lots of love, patience and care🌿these plants will be amazing to enjoy. 
💚Air Plant Care💚

Water💧completely submerge plants in water for 20-30min, weekly.  Shake air plant gently to remove excess water and lay out to dry before displaying.  
Its important that air plants do not remain wet for long periods of time. 

Light☀️Air Plants require bright, indirect light. Sunlight or consistent indoor home/office lighting. 

Display🌿Jars, terrariums & driftwood are all great ways to display your plants! Don’t put plants in soil, they don’t like!