The Journey

🌵🚚 Once Upon a Time in 2018, Golden State Succulents Emerged from the Greenhouse Shadows 🚚🌵

Hold onto your gardening gloves, folks, 'cause here's a tale of transformation that even Mother Nature would envy. Picture this: Golden State Succulents, formerly known as Golden State Greenhouse, was your go-to source for, well, anything but plants. Back in the day, we specialized in online shenanigans, peddling agriculture and greenhouse supplies like it was a game of supply-and-demand Monopoly. Plants? Flowers? Not really our thing.

But wait, the succulent bug bit us hard – we grew these prickly wonders at home and sold them, just for kicks. It started small, like a little sprout, but then came the avalanche. Who knew that the demand for our succulent delights would mushroom faster than, well, a succulent in spring?

🌱 And lo and behold, the missus – the true brains behind this operation – had an epiphany. "Let's ditch the online obscurity," she said. So, we upgraded from a virtual storefront to something grander. Meet the Grunman Olsen box truck, our mobile flower fantasy on wheels, where we embarked on a journey to scatter floral and succulent delight wherever we pleased. We even slapped a fancy new name on ourselves: Golden State Succulents. Catchy, right?

🚚 Popping up at local events and random spots became our jam. Fast forward four wild years, and now we're basking in the local love and vendor camaraderie. Drumroll, please – we're stepping up our game by setting roots right on 1012 Main Street, right here in Sunny Fortuna. Yes, a legit brick-and-mortar store, because, you know, why not?

🎨 Inside these walls, we've got a medley that'll make any creative heart swoon. Succulents? Check. Glass bird feeders? Check. Handblown glass planters? Checkity-check. Arts and crafts kits, hand-painted steppingstones, and even custom gameboard sets? Check, check, and triple check. We're not done – we've got locally made handcrafted gems that'll make your soul skip a beat – driftwood art, soaps, jewelry, and things that defy categorization. It's like a treasure hunt in here.

🌻 Oh, did we mention we're in the flower and succulent delivery game? If you're in the greater eel river valley area, we've got blooms and greens ready to hit the road and brighten your day. Swing by our website or give us a ring at 707-267-8237. Can't be bothered with clicks and calls? Walk right in and give us a nod – we'd be thrilled to meet you.

🌾 We're not just here to take up space. Collaboration, community, and camaraderie are our jam. You've got a brilliant idea, a partnership dream, or just want to say "Hi!"? We're all ears and succulents – ready to dive into the fertile future of Fortuna.

🌞 By the way, did we mention we've got some serious agricultural roots? From Yolo County to Humboldt, we've been gardening and growing since the days of knee-high sunflowers. Michelle, the community champion, and Marc, the gardening guru, have been at this game for quite a while. You could say dirt runs in our veins, and we're excited to paint Fortuna green, one succulent at a time.

Stay green, Fortuna! 💚🌱🌼 #SucculentShift #RootedInFortuna #GoldenStateSucculentsSaga #GrowingGreenSinceYolo