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Air Plants make a fun, colorful & unique addition to any space.

Air Plants🌱

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  1. Air plants are part of a classification of plants called epiphytes. Epiphytes absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, not their roots. The purpose of roots for epiphytes is to attach onto trees, rocks, and other substrates, typically growing up off the floor of their natural environment. Some air plants grow better in pots, but it is never necessary to pot an air plant
  2. Perfect for driftwood, smaller terrariums, and cork bark displays
  3. Adored, classic Tillandsias Ionantha air plants~ sourced from Guatemala~ Mexico ~ some elegant collection~ variety.
  4. Perfect for crafts, terrariums, wedding favors and parties, or just about anything, the possibilities are endless!
  5. One of our best sellers 

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